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The perfect place to feed your fish&rakı habit, the restaurant boasts seafood dishes that are both fresh and appetizing. Both the mezzes and the uncooked fish are brought to your table on large trays for selection. Alongside Fish’s own special flavours, you’ll find seafood interpretations of dishes typically found in kebab restaurant such a çiğ köfte (raw meatballs made of minced meat, pounded wheat and red pepper), circassian chicken (poached with walnut sauce), and içli köfte (mince meatballs wrapped in cracked wheat).


Fish… is a restaurant where you run the risk of eating so many mezzes that you have no space remaining for the main course. You can avoid this by going once to enjoy all the mezzes you can think of, and going a second time and order making sure you leave space for the seabass wrapped in phyllo dough. You may also want to try the spaghetti with lobster or the paella as your main course. Discover the desserts menu with the ice cream helva bomb, soufflé with brittle, warm lokma (sweet fried dough) served with honey and cinnamon flavoured ice cream, and apple baklava.


Venue name: Fish...
Address: SuAda Club Galatasaray Adası, Kuruçeşme

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-00.00.
Static map showing venue location