Food Project

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4 out of 5 stars
Food Project

If you don't know which dish to recommend at a restaurant, it’s generally a sign that the food is either really bad or really good. Thankfully, Food Project Moda belongs in the second category. Don’t be alarmed to see çerkez tavuğu (Circassian chicken, a meze of shredded chicken ahd crushed walnuts; 8 TL), lasagna (20 TL) and pumpkin cheesecake (11 TL) on the same menu: everything that comes out of the kitchen is fresh and inspired. We particularly recommend the desserts with natural sugars and the flourless cakes. Even if you’re pressed for time, their prepackaged meals make healthy on-the-go eating a breeze. 


Venue name: Food Project
Address: Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi 33

Static map showing venue location