Galata Evi

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Situated inside the building remembered for being the old English police station, Galata Evi owes its fame to its extensive Georgian menu. This includesGeorgianFingali (dumplings), Georgian goulash, Georgian Baje (chicken), and the lamb dish Çakapuli, as well as desserts such as Georgian meringue cake, milk pudding with mastic gum, and cheesecake. Though the foods may seem familiar, their tastes are considerably different to those we’re used to, as chicken, walnuts, saffron, coriander, and cornflour are fixtures in their recipes.


Added to the menu are a number of Russian and Tatarian dishes. These include Russian pelmeni (dumplings with cheese or potato fillings), boeuf stroganoff, even borscht and blini—which they are said to make better than many Russian restaurants. Those who eat the spring rolls which have little to do with the overall theme of the restaurant, rave about them. During the summer months, you’re free to enjoy your meal outdoors, though you’d best make a reservation if you’re coming in a large group, just in case.


Venue name: Galata Evi
Address: Galata Kulesi Sokak 15

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12.00-00.00.
Static map showing venue location