Galata Muhallebicisi

Galata Muhallebicisi

Galata Muhallebicisi opened its first branch inside 212 Istanbul Shopping Mall and managed to become the ultimate lunch alternative for the business circle around the neighborhood. The place first catches the eyes with its decoration. Our first impression was that it was quite neat for a ‘Muhallebici’ with the orange, white and brown furniture. We went in for a ‘muhallebi’(milk pudding) and realized that the place was more than a ‘Muhallebici’. The menu at Galata Muhallebicisi has dishes from Turkish cuisine like chicken and rice, döner atop rice, meat patties with chese, iskender kebap, pastries, salads, soups, chocolate baklava, baked rice pudding, Noah’s pudding (aşure) and Turkish breakfast.


Besides these, they also offer daily menus with different dishes. Galata Muhallebicisi carries the experience of Bankalar Muhallebicisi established in Galata back in 1879. The recipes are brought to day exactly like it was back then like serving milk pudding with molasses and using buffalo milk. If you ever pass by Mahmutbey, should pay a visit to Galata Muhallebicisi. Don’t worry about finding a place to sit because the venue has 2 lounges and a terrace. You can also check out the branch in Nişantaşı.( (0212) 224 11 22 Teşvikiye Caddesi 55, Nişantaşı. Mon-Sat 07.00-23.00; Sun 08.00-23.00. Accepts credit cards.)


Venue name: Galata Muhallebicisi
Address: 212 Istanbul AVM, Mahmutbey Merkez Mahallesi Taşocağı Caddesi 5

Opening hours: Daily 10.00-22.00.
Static map showing venue location