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Galata Pepe

It’s as if Pepe were made to catch your breath as you’re walking down to Galata from Tünel or going the opposite direction. The colourful windows, cutesy statuettes and large clock on the wall are the first things you notice in this venue set up like the living room of your house. Indeed, it only hosts up to 40 people, which makes for a calm atmosphere at any time of the day. Pepe is perfect for grabbing a hot or cold drink or a quick lunch; you can retreat from the outside world for hours by reading a book here.


Given the name, you might expect Pepe to serve Italian cuisine (as we did), but to be honest, the menu isn’t what we expected. Previously a Sirkeci resident, Pepe moved to Galata a few months ago not to serve pizza or Italian flavours but regular cafe fare like salads, toasts, sandwiches and crepes. The pasta is store-bought, not handmade, while the main courses range from Çeltik kebap (made with tenderloin, potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt and spices) to Mexican chicken and grilled salmon. The non-alcoholic drinks range from 4-7 TL, with spontaneous ‘mulled wine-chestnut’ evenings held occasionally.



Breakfast Plate 12TL

Risotto Balls 7TL

Rocket Salad 12TL

Mexican Chicken 16TL

Tiramisu 8TL


Venue name: Galata Pepe
Address: Tımarcı Sokak 5/B Galata

Opening hours: 10.00 - 23.00 Tuesday - Sunday
Static map showing venue location