Giritli Restoran

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A large variety of Cretan and Aegean meze, all made with the freshest of ingredients, make Giritli the best choice for rakı and seafood in Sultanahmet. Just as peaceful as it is happening, they host up to 200 people for events but ordinarily restrict the number to 150 for comfort. Additions to the classic Giritli menu have included healthier options such as savoury pastries made with poppies and daisies, and stone oven baked dishes. The fish cooked in ceramic dishes and in stews are very tasty. The olive oil and seafood rice has become a Giritli classic.


One of their favourite mezzes is made of green olives, goat cheese, garlic, walnuts, dried herbs and olive oil. The thinly-sliced raw fish, cooked in only salt and lemon, and the herb and cheese pide are also among their best. ‘Bombay pilaki’ (fish with olive oil and onions),radish leaf salad, zucchini with yoghurt, seasoned seabass, pickled kingfish, cabbage sprouts, Girit mezze (crushed feta cheese and pistachio nuts), stuffed zucchini blossoms (in the spring, stuffed onions (in the winter), milk thistle, pickled basil, mackereland mustard plant are all options on the menu. The grilled octopus is prepared using a very special method. The octopus, which arrives still coated in sea salt, is first dried out in the sun, then boiled with wine and grilled. It is especially enjoyable to dine on these unmatched Aegean and Mediterranean flavours in Giritli’s garden during the summer months.


Venue name: Giritli Restoran
Address: Keresteci Hakkı Sokak 8

Opening hours: Daily 12.30-00.00.

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