Gourmet Garage

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Gourmet Garage

At Gourmet Garage the mezes, prepared by meze master Cemal Yildirim, are very popular, particularly the stuffed artichokes, hummus, and olive oil-based stuffed grape leaves. Creating your own sandwich here is a distinct pleasure because there are so many options. In addition to deli options they also have vegetables and fruits, baked goods, and a butcher counter. The prices are high but they are proportional to the quality and service you receive. Not to mention the fact that their employees are always smiling and incredibly friendly. If you happen to go on Valentine’s Day make sure to head to the baked goods counter and try the delicious heart-shaped cakes that are only made on that day. If you’ve enjoyed certain products abroad but have had trouble finding them in the city, you’re likely to find them at Gourmet Garage. In particular, don’t leave without getting some Buffalo mozzarella, made from buffalo milk. 


Venue name: Gourmet Garage
Address: Nispetiye Caddesi 114/C,
Etiler, Beşiktaş

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