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In addition to the fondue, we recommend the Cookies & Cream, crème brûlée, and strawberry cheesecake. Established in 1961 in New York, Haägen Dazs continues to maintain its reputation as the world’s best ice cream. The Belgian chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, coconut macaroon, macadamia nut brittle, and midnight cookies are only some of the mouthwatering flavors. Haägen Dazs serves its ice cream in a cone or a cup and for those who want to enjoy it to-go they also sell their flavors in cartons. Prepared with fresh milk and natural ingredients, containing no dye or additives, the intense aroma of Haägen Dazs ice cream leaves an exquisite taste in your mouth. Enjoy your ice cream while you window-shop or sit down and take a break at the tables in front of the shop. 


Venue name: Häagen-Dazs
Address: Kanyon, Levent

Static map showing venue location