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Fotoğraf: Murat Tekin

Hima is a new eatery in Galata whose name comes from an Armenian word that means “now, presently.” The restaurant’s stone walls give it character, while elements like large mirrors, stained glass detailing and glass jars used as chandeliers infuse the space with light. Hima is particularly ambitious when it comes to breakfast, with a filling breakfast plate that includes eggplant jam, acuka, pişi and pancakes. If you happen to visit for lunch, be sure to order the penne with arugula sauce. For a sweet ending to your meal, we recommend trying either the raspberry cheesecake or the Hima Cup, which is owner Natali Özperçel’s milk pudding topped with hazelnuts and chocolate sauce. At night, Hima serves Armenian mezes like çıltiktopikpilaki and stuffed leeks. On nights when the restaurant hosts special events, nostalgic vinyl records are distributed among the tables and played in the guests’ preferred order. In addition to bringing Bozcaada’s famous tomato jam to Galata, Hima also sells quince and peach jams.


Venue name: Hima
Address: Hima Lüleci Hendek Caddesi 25/A
Galata, Beyoğlu

Static map showing venue location