İstanbul Teras Restaurant

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Catering to the city’s historic peninsula from within the Legacy Ottoman Hotel, Istanbul Teras Restaurant’s menu features as many international items as it does traditional Turkish ones. From “Hünkâr beğendi” to “Osmanlı pilavı” (Ottoman rice with vegetables), rice pudding with mastic gum, and “güllaç” (rice wafers stuffed with nuts, cooked in milk and served with rose water) with walnuts, you can sample a sultan’s table’s most irreplaceable items. They also offer worldwide selections such as vienne schnitzel and perppaer steak. Eaten overlooking the Bosphorus, Haliç andthe old city, the delicious meals are created by Chef Yılmaz Usta and served with wines from different regions including California. 


Live music accompanies service on certain weekdays and a special menu is prepared during Ramadan. With the capacity sufficient for 500 people the venue also hosts weddings, engagements, cocktail parties, and similar events.


Venue name: İstanbul Teras Restaurant
Address: Legacy Ottoman Hotel Hobyar Mahallesi Hamidiye Caddesi 64

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-23.00.
Static map showing venue location