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4 out of 5 stars
Joker No:19

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Besiktas Caddesi 19 has always been a kind of doomed location as no business opening at this address has ever managed to prove popular. It seems though as if Joker No:19 is equipped to break the curse. Joker No:19 is a huge, yet cosy gastro-pub that looks like it has a long life ahead of it. When we say huge, we’re not exaggerating as you could easily fit around 500 performing Irish step dancing in there.


The name Joker probably rings a bell to some of you who enjoy late nights around Taksim, as Joker No:19 owners also run a popular Istiklal side street bar of the same name. On the Asian side, you’d also find Joker Bahce from which Joker No:19 has borrowed its love of good quality pub food. Building from his experience at Zuma and Flamingo, Birol Sezer, with the help of his skilled 16-staff team, has done a great job.


The pizzas (18-32 TL) and pasta dishes (18-27 TL) are made from scratch – even the bread for the Scamorza Cheese Burger (25 TL) is made in the kitchen ovens. The main menu glows with mouthwatering dish descriptions, from coriander squash pure´e served with lamb (47 TL) to fried sea bass marinated in milk (32 TL). As for service, Joker’s friendly staff of wisecrackers like to keep things casual, in a good ol’ local bar fashion. Long tables,
a spacious outside area, plenty of cocktail options – and even a tree – Joker No:19 lacks anything but charm.

As soon as it’s sundown, the regulars arrive and after 22.30 the music turns the place into a friendly and feisty local establishment.



Address: Joker No: 19 Bes¸iktas¸ Caddesi 19, Bes¸iktas¸. (0212) 227 93 94/ Monday-Thursday 09.00-02.00, Friday and Saturday 09.00- 03.00, Sunday open 09.00- 00.00.

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