Kanaat Lokantası

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4 out of 5 stars
Üsküdar Kanaat Lokantası

The restaurant, located conveniently in Üsküdar, has visitors from all around the city and is always busy at every hour with its decoration with blue tiles, never changing staff and unique tastes. Elbasan Tava (lamb and vegetables bakes with cheese and béchamel) are among the classics. Other options among a very wide variety of main courses are tripe soup, lentil soup, pan roasted lamb,rice stuffed vegetables cooked in olive oil, kebap cooked in paper, and veggie casserole. Desserts include ‘ekmek kadayıfı’(oven baked pastry soaked in syrup), quince dessert, ‘revani’(sweet semolina cake), ‘yassı kadayıf’ (fried pastry soaked in syrup) and tulumba dessert. Their own-made ice cream and yogurt are also must-tries. At 6 o’clock in the morning, you can find jams, buttermilk, soup and tea for breakfast. Get ready for the crowd and some waiting time before you go.


Venue name: Kanaat Lokantası
Address: Selmanipak Caddesi 9

Opening hours: Daily 06.00-23.00.
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