Karaköy Çorba Evi

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Hebun Çorba Evi
Fotoğraf: instagram.com/hebuncorba

The next time you feel a hunger coming on in Karaköy, don’t make the mistake of thinking your only options are fancy burgers or quinoa salads.

Instead, head to Hebun Çorba Evi, where you can cozy up to 21 different soups, all offered at reasonable prices. A Kurdish word that means “existence,” Hebun’s continued presence in an increasingly trendy neighborhood is proof positive of its success when it comes to serving up flavorful soups. Since the eatery is open 24/7, you can visit Hebun at any time to try their popular beetroot, celery and pumpkin soups.


Venue name: Karaköy Çorba Evi
Address: Mumhane Caddesi 35/A
Karaköy, Beyoğlu

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