Kırkyıl Kahvesi

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Kırkyıl kahvesi

The moment you walk in this brand new coffee shop, cousins Deniz Gürtürk, Nihan Medenci Koçer and Berna Ülger’s amateurish excitement is palpable. Gürtürk serves the coffee in cups that have been passed down to her by the family – in fact, everything here is a memorabilia of sorts, from the antique trays on which the cups are carried to the lace kerchiefs that adorn them. You’ll get freshly ground coffee roasted in a traditional copper cezve, not a machine, served alongside traditional Safranbolu lokum. A cup of Turkish coffee costs 10 TL, and you can even buy the cup if you’re so inclined (their prices range from 90 to 750 TL). Kırkyıl Kahvesi also offers mantı from Balat Culture House and Mardin-style içli köfte (cracked wheat balls stuffed with minced meat), mastic cookies and homemade liqueurs. Once you venture to the book-reading area upstairs, you’ll want to go home, grab your laptop and come right back, never to leave. 


Venue name: Kırkyıl Kahvesi
Address: Tepecik Yolu, Alkent Çarşı F2 Blok

Opening hours: Daily 09.30-22.30
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