Kiva Han

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Kiva Han

There is almost everything in the menu but not all of them are present every day. Whatever the chef wants to cook that day… All the dishes are displayed in casseroles for you to choose from. Since you don’t know any of them, you just pick according to its appearance. Though located in an intensely touristic neighborhood, prices and the quality are very reasonable. But unfortunately, you can’t avoid the waiters shouting ‘Welcome! We have red juice, green juice!’. Don’t think of rug motives, toy donkeys and old ladies on ‘gözleme’ stands when we say ‘Anatolia’. Decoration wise, everything is like a venue in Asmalımescit; minimal and modern. More like a chic esnaf (tradesmen) restaurant. The name Kiva comes from the first coffeehouse of the world opened in 1471 in Istanbul. Worthy of that, the coffee is especially delightful here,too. Turkish coffee is served in special silverware.


Venue name: Kiva Han
Address: Galata Kulesi Meydanı 4, Galata

Opening hours: Daily 07.30-23.30.
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