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Inside Köşe, there are two areas. The bar, where you can relax and catch up on some reading among the magazines, newspapers, books and flowers, with an afternoon drink. The atmosphere changes drastically at night, becoming a lively bar. On the other side is the open concept kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared. They have a cozy backyard surrounded by vines. If you have the option, we suggest you sit in the garden rather than the street. In our opinion, this hidden corner will remain the most beautiful part of Asmalımescit until it is discovered by the masses. We doubt you will encounter anything like it.


On its menu you can find almost any alcoholic beverage for the long lasting dinners of Asmalımescit. Fish & chips, grilled vegetables, sausages, börek, fried shrimp and New York fries are some of the many options available. Prepared with lemon rinds and laid on a bed of potatoes and spinach, you must try the Lemon Chicken. Over time, some adventurous dishes will take over parts of the menu that is now filled with more classical dishes such as strawberry semizotu salad. The prices vary at Asmalımescit. If we take Köşe into consideration, we might say that the prices are a little higher than the average restaurant in the area. Even so, it is a corner where you can watch your food being prepared and then enjoy every last bit of it until you are completely full. If you are in the area and you feel the need to try something sweet, you can always have the Süheyla Hanım dessert made according to the barmen’s mother’s home recipe.


From the Menu

Strawberry semizotu salad 15 TL

Mexican potatoes 7 TL

Lemon Chicken 16 TL

Süheyla Han›m dessert 6 TL

Rose mojito 20 TL


Venue name: Köşe
Address: Sofyalı Sokak 7.7/D

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location