Komün İstanbul

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If you’re into dining on long tables in spacious restaurants on busy streets, don’t go to Komün. Located on the cobblestone hill leading from the Beyoğlu Tünel building to Şişhane, this is a tiny new restaurant where you can’t pretend the person sitting over at the next table doesn’t exist – you might even be tempted to say ‘hello’ before reading your newspaper, dining alone or chatting with your friends. That’s where the beauty of Komün lies: as the name suggests, the venue aims to make people feel as though they’re part of a community, no matter why they came here in the first place.


When we visited, we were surprised to see that the orders come out at a speed that’s unexpected from Komün’s tiny kitchen. If you’re not too hungry, try the mini sigara börek (cheese-filled fried rolled pastry), crispy veggie-and-meat patties, mücver (fried courgette patties) or crispy chicken strips – or order a ‘three-in-one’ to create your own combo. The thin, crispy pizzas are quite filling, too, though our absolute favourite is the stuffed Swiss chard served with yogurt. As for the main course, give the grilled pork (yes, pork) sausage a try, which is surprisingly light. You’ll also find breakfast options, pastas, sandwiches, omelettes and desserts on the menu, as well as an offering of daily soups and main courses.



Three-in-one 18 TL

Vegetarian pizza 17 TL

Stuffed Swiss chards with yogurt 16 TL

Pork sausage 16 TL

Brewed tea 3 TL


Venue name: Komün İstanbul
Address: İlk Belediye Caddesi 7A

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 09.00-02.00; Sunday 10.00-22.00 (kitchen open till 22.30 Monday-Thursday and till 23.30 Friday, Saturday; drinks served till 02.00 Monday-Saturday).
Static map showing venue location