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Thanks to Dr. Nevin Halıcı – Konyalı’s Turkish Cuisine consultant- we got our fair share of the food culture of out ancestors. With its excellent service and classy environment, Konyalı has proven that the Turkish cuisine with its pot dishes with lots of meat, soups and desserts can be in the scope of fine-dining concept. We recommend roasted borage with eggs, fennel dish, ‘Mahmudiye’ with honey (meat dish with apricots and almonds) and ‘Piruhi’ (sort of mantı stuffed with yogurt) from the main courses; strawberry mush, orange baklava and lemon elmasiye (sort of water pudding) from the desserts. If you haven’t tasted the Konyalı Döner so far, you should hurry!


The venue is ideal for business dinners and special events with a capacity of 145 people. They also have additional 40 people seating in front of the restaurant (inside the shopping mall). If you don’t get the chance to stop by Konyalı Kanyon, you can also go to Sultanahmet branch inside Topkapı Palace. ((0212) 513 96 96)


Venue name: Konyalı
Address: Kanyon Alışveriş Merkezi

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-01.00.
Static map showing venue location