The reason for this? The grilled pizzas! It is not just the cooking technique but also the ingredients that make this pizza a literal gourmet meal. They use all fresh ingredients, from fresh cheese and vegetables to fresh beef and sauces. For those who wonder what it would taste like to eat a grilled pizza, we will now try to give you a small introduction. They have a special firewood lit stove, which they designed themselves. There are different cooking sections on this stove. The dough is prepared before and lightly cooked to be stored until ordering time. As soon as an order is made, all ingredients are placed on their sections on the stove. All ingredients are cooked in their own juices and oils. Once they are crisp and ready, they are all placed on the pizza dough ready to be served. Of course this process takes some time. In the meantime you can try the baked potato or smoked bacon starters. We feel that if we advise you to try one type of pizza, we would be doing an injustice to the others. The longer you stay and the longer you continue to converse, the more pizza you want to order and eat. The pizzas are both incredibly tasty and surprisingly light. When it comes to the pizza and antipasti, the Konya küflü, Bergama tulum (Bergama String), Antakya sünme (Antakya stretch) and Çerkez type cheeses are all combined in different recipes to create extraordinary tastes. Even the pizza dough is made from at least four different flour and yeast types.


If the day comes that you become bored of eating grilled pizza, can you enjoy the antipasti and grilled section of the menu. Honestly, the oven is not the only specially designed piece in the venue. All the details surrounding you, from the mirrors and tables to the chairs and tiles, have been specially designed. Actually, when we say tables we mean ping-pong tables, and when we say chairs we mean picnic stools! All of these eccentric pieces add to the unique atmosphere of Kort. With its dynamic, happy and warm atmosphere, Kort is one of the few places that creates an almost New York feeling. There is no room to be snobbish anywhere. Two brothers, who are also the owners, Eyal and Yigal Bicaco, serve the food. They pay attention to every single table and personally recommend wines to go along with your pizza. The positive energy and extremely good food will make you want to come back again soon. On the weekends we recommend you make a reservation, unless you don’t mind waiting a little.


From the Menu

Baked potato 5 TL

Smoked bacon 6TL

Mushroom madness 18 TL

Bacon cheeseburger pizza 22 TL

Calamari Greko 10 YTL


Venue name: Kort
Address: Havyar Sokak 30/1

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12.00-23.00.