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Office-bound or not, most of us are unable to open our eyes without caffeine in the morning, so it goes without saying that we cherish those coffee stops that happen to be on our way to wherever we’re going. If you’re a Beyoğlu resident, get ready to add a new coffee reinforcement stop to your route that’s unlike others: KronotRop is the result of Çağatay Gülabioğlu’s (the man behind Ankara’s modern legend Locus Solus) year-long research on coffee. Once you cross the threshold of the blue signboard, you’ll find coffee and coffee only. The menu reads more like a geographical list than an assortment of consumables: Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen... Wherever the coffee comes from, the point they stress the most at KronotRop is that it’s ever-fresh. The proof is in the roaster, which can only hold up to a kilo of coffee at a time. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that KronotRop is the firstand only ‘microroastery’ (a shoot-off of the ‘micro’ movement that tells us smaller is better) in Istanbul.


Given the litany of hot and cold coffee flavours listed on the menu, it pains us a little to learn that the most popular item is espresso here, just like it is everywhere else – what about all those blends, those ‘single origin’s?


If you’re unable to down some coffee without a bite to accompany it, you’ll be glad to know that KronotRop also offers cookies and moist carrot cake.


We dare say you’ll try to find an excuse to spend more time in this tiny shop as you’re getting your morning coffee. And speaking of morning coffee – at KronotRop, they offer a 15 percent discount on all coffee before 09.00. Better to go with your own thermos (or get a refill on your cup) and take advantage of the same discount all day long. Don’t live in the area? You can still buy pre-packaged coffee at KronotRop to wake your weary eyes at home.



Address: Kuloğlu Mahallesi, Yeniçarşı Caddesi 5/B

Opening hours: Daily 08.30-02.30.

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