La Caique (Sultani)

Restaurants Haliç

La Caique is a little fish restaurant decorated as an Aegean restaurant and faithful to the original historic style of the building it’s housed in. As well as the predictable seafood varieties, Greek and Aegean cuisines are also offered on the menu. The chef’s reommendations include cabbage sprouts,milk thistle,Greek-style tzatziki, grilled mussels, stuffed seabass, pastry (börek) with anchovies, and grilled octopus. The venue, with its 70 person enclosed space and 40 person terrace, is perfect for fish-lovers. Next door to La Caique is the Sultani meat restaurant which is run by the same people and is available as an alternative for anyone who would rather not eat seafood. Sultani can host up to 120 people, and has a menu comprised mainly of Middle Eastern cuisine. They have different varieties of kebabs: Sultani Kebab, sesame kebab, and olive kebap, among others.The hummus with bresaola, which is the chef’s specialty, is also a must.We recommend reservations for larger groups.


Venue name: La Caique (Sultani)
Address: Küçük Mustafa Paşa Mahallesi Abdülezel Paşa Caddesi 203

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location