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Lüsyen Karaköy

Time Out says

LÜSYEN RECENTLY OPENED in Karaköy’s Fransız Geçidi in the space formerly occupied by Bej. The name comes from a French woman who crossed paths with iconic figures such as Tevfik Fikret, Nazım Hikmet and İsmet İnönü and who was once involved with the playwright Abdülhak Hamid Tarhan. She even once shared a dance with Atatürk. Apart from the name, there is also a feeling of France in the air at Lüsyen.

Inside the lounge, there is an elegant bar and a stage in the corner with a red floor. The marvelous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the long curtains on the windows evoke a cabaret-like atmosphere. The tables are huddled close together for the purpose of ensuring a sincere atmosphere. After their many years in the restaurant business, owners Mert Özsarıkaya and Doğan Akbaş have finally opened their own establishment with Lüsyen. While the decor and ambience create a European feel, the menu and the music remain traditional. They highlight that this is not a ‘new-generation’ meyhane, and have made a point to create a genuine atmosphere for live music. One of the mezes that got our attention was the aşk otu (20 TL), a dish similar to samphire. The basil spread with roasted pistachios (20 TL) and the ahtapot beğendi (50 TL), an octopus dish, are among the original dishes on the menu. The tuzda balık (320 TL) can be easily shared between four people. Lüsyen opens early for lunch but the real fun naturally starts in the evening. Based on the phone calls the waiters take throughout the day, we heard that some customers even make a reservation for Lüsyen weeks in advance.




Address: No:53
Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah. Rıhtım Caddesi, Fransız Gç Sokağı