‘Lux’ means ‘light’ in Latin, and its decor bears art deco and modern traces that recall a rubic’s cube set to light. These lights get people moving both on the dance floor and in their seats. On the lower floor, you’ll find a table surrounded by couches for club gossip, three sectionals and several high tables. The top floor has a more grown-up vibe, and it also affords you a bird’s eye view of the dance floor. Something in the cocktails gives every cell in your body the desire to dance, with the most popular cocktail being mastic mojito. You’ll hear downtempo, broken beat, soul-funk, disco/nu disco and soulful house as well as semi-live performances at Lux.


Venue name: Lux
Address: İstiklal Caddesi Suriye Pasajı 348/10

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 19.00-02.00; Fri-Sat 19.00-04.00.