Luzia Istanbul

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4 out of 5 stars

Luzia isn’t a new eatery: we actually reviewed it – and didn’t hesitate to mention our misgivings about the place – when it opened earlier this year. Yet after finding out just who had taken over the management, we couldn’t notgo back. As a refresher for those who might not remember, Luzia was envisioned by owner Kaan Müjdeci (director of Turkey’s Oscar submission Sivas) as the Istanbul edition of Berlin’s famous bar. Due to Müjdeci’s busy schedule, however, Luzia is now in the capable hands of Nevzat Atasoy, who previously managed the now-closed Otto Santral location of the popular restaurant chain Otto.

The change in management brought about quite a transformation at Luzia, which now starts the day with a selection of seasonal pastries prepped by Ezgi Yetgin. You can grab your breads, brioches, croissants, paninis or quiches to go or enjoy them at Luzia. Starting in the afternoon, the venue also serves a menu of unconventional dishes like the mücver (fried veggie patties) wrapped inkadayıf(fried, shredded wheat-like pastry), celery with quince, dried eggplant-stuffed Uzbekmantı and ribs with potato gratin as well as Luzia’s star dessert, choux. In the evenings, there’s also a tapas menu to accompany cocktails. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, Luzia’s DJ booth welcomes well-known local DJs like Mr. Sür and Undomondo.

All in all, the new and improved Luzia looks poised to become a refined and laid-back alternative to the ritzy venues along the Bosphorus shore. 


Venue name: Luzia Istanbul
Address: Arnavutköy Bebek Caddesi 64
Arnavutköy, Beşiktaş

Static map showing venue location