Maçka Brasserie


Maçka Brasserie is a serious yet chic brasserie with an expansive, lush green backyard, perfect for the warmer months. The interior is designed in beige tones with lots of wood to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to dine in; leather and fabrics play a large role in the interior decoration as well. The bar located at the entrance of Maçka Brasserie is ideal for those who want to stop by for a cocktail instead of a complete dinner.


There are two separate menus at the brasserie, for Lunch and Dinner. The brasserie becomes a bit fancier as dinner approaches; white table cloths are set up and the place becomes more formal. Chef Hakkı Alkan (who used to be the chef at Spice Market by Jean- Georges) has composed a menu rich in variety, mainly influenced by Far Eastern and French cuisines. The lunch menu features options such as French Onion Soup, Celery ‘remoulade’ and dried fruits, and Sea bass papillote. The dinner has more complex dishes on offer such as White truffle with wild mushroom soup, Foie gras torchon, curry and semispicy Pekin duck, and Leg of lamb marinated with a champagne vinaigrette and soy. There’s a special ‘From the Chef’ section of the menu along with the suggested wines. Some of the mouth-watering options from this section are: Scallop tartar with truffle vinaigrette, Grousse with a wine sauce (for 2 people), Dory fish cooked under a low light, côte de boeuf (for 2 people), and steamed lobster. These dishes go well with their impressive selection of wines, which include Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Toscana, Piemonte, or Californian wine.


From the Menu

French onion soup 18 TL

Pad Thai 29 TL

Foie gras torchon 32 TL (dinner menu)

Leg of lamb 29,50 TL (dinner menu)

Walnut tart 14 TL


Venue name: Maçka Brasserie
Address: Maçka Caddesi 16

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12.00-02.00.