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Mado’s Maraş-style ice cream, which originates from Turkey’s Kahramanmaraş region, is made, entirely from natural ingredients. The milk used to create this delicious treat is obtained from goats that are on a strict diet of thyme, wild liquorice and wild orchids. Salep (a creamy drink made from wild salep orchids) is also used to lend a unique taste to the ice cream. In addition to classic flavours like caramel, pistachio, chocolate and strawberry, at Mado, you’ll also find unique alternatives such as pumpkin, apple, green tea, Turkish coffee, cheesecake and multivitamin ice cream. The kesme dondurma (literally, ‘cut off ice cream’) is a version of Maraş ice cream that’s eaten with a fork and knife. This dessert, exclusive to Mado, comes in pistachio, almond, chocolate-caramel and fruit-rich varieties as well as the traditional vanilla flavour. Mado also offers diet ice cream, which contains up to 50% less sugar than the regular version – in fact, the fruity ones, like the strawberry, sour cherry and lemon ice cream, have absolutely no fat or cholesterol. Madolight ice cream, enriched with prebiotic fibres, is so successful that it’s been recommended to diabetics by Istanbul University’s Faculty of Medicine. Talk about an endorsement!


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Venue name: Mado
Address: Bağdat Caddesi 280/A

Opening hours: Daily 07.00-02.00.
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