Mer Balık

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Time Out says

The restaurant has a garden with a fishpond and a little waterfall, and if this area is added to the restaurant’s overall capacity, it can host up to 300 people. Some of the items on the menu include: shaved spiced mutton liver, hot pilaki (beans and fish with onions), braised angler, fried calamari, fried fish intestines, grilled salmon with beschamel sauce, seafood crepe, fish pastry (börek), fish meatballs, salicornia, sea urchin, squid eggs, grilled seabass in salt, baked turbot in wine sauce, crab legs, fish in milk, and Spanish paella. The fish ‘iskender’ (with bread and yoghurt) made with seabass is also worth trying.



Address: Kefeliköy Caddesi 33, Kireçburnu

Opening hours: Daily 11.30-02.00.