Mezzaluna Express

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Mezzaluna Express

Mezzaluna introduced Istanbul-dwellers to the thin-crusted Italian pizza and over the years the pizzas have lost neither their flavour nor their quality. Its menu, though not quite as extensive that of the original restaurant, is cheaper and has smaller portions. Two types of pasta bake: lasagna alla Bolognese and cannelloni di ricotta e spniaci. The pizzas are just as we’ve come to expect from Mezzaluna: the Margherita, the Robespierre (sliced beef tenderloins, arugula, thyme and parmesan), Valtellina (bresaola, arugula, tomato, sliced parmesan), 14 types of delicious pizza at your fingertips. Desserts include Italian classics like tiramisu, panna cotta all’amaretto, and torta di ricotta.The biggest difference between American and Italian pizza cultures seems to us to be neither the thickness of the base, nor the ingredients used, but the fact that one is accompanied by coca cola and the other with wine. Mezzaluna’s wine selection, featuring Italian, Turkish and Chilean wines, deserves endless praise.


Venue name: Mezzaluna Express
Address: Kanyon

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-23.00.
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