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Midtown’s menu is prepared by chef Ali Davut who gained experience cooking in Europe’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels, and has won a total of 20 medals representing Turkey in international cooking competitions. Davut, whose menu consists of Italian, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Japanes and Turkish cuisines, is as skilled at presenting his food, as he is at cooking it. The chef’s newest specialty is the Maria Dima meatball, a name which he has also owns the naming rights to. As Davut makes a name for himself as the first person to blend white and red meat together in a dish, creating new and interesting meals, he also runs a kitchen responsible for meals that are appealing both to the eye and the palate.


Venue name: Midtown
Address: Lamartin Caddesi 13

Opening hours: Daily 07.00-23.30.
Static map showing venue location