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Time Out says

Mimolett, which is situated in the same building as the Kayra Wine Academy is a boutique-style, fine-dining restaurant. The venue’s decorations, which don’t detract from the history of the 120 year old building it is housed in, brings together both modern and extravagant elements. Purple corduroy curtains, a massive Murano chandelier, white linen tablecloths, dark brown timber floors and large painted tableu’s by such names as İsmail Acar, give the venue an aristocratic appearance.


The Mimolett’s menu is comprised of Mediterranean selections and starts with apple and celery soup. Other starters include beetroot salad (with caramelised almonds, goat cheese and seasonal greens) and crayfish ravioli (with scallops and smoked lobster). We particularly recommend the sauteed fois gras (quince jam and brioche with passito). As far as main courses go, game such as roasted duck, venison cutlets, seafood such as oven-cooked bluefish and angler, or lamb cutlets are all available. At the end of the menu are the desserts and cheeses, featuring caramelised apple, apricot and chocolate sufle, and Mimolett crème brulée, as well as a cheese platter with both local and imported selections.



Address: Sıraselviler Caddesi 55/A

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-15.00; 19.00-21.00, bar 12.00-02.00.