Moleküler Barbekü

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4 out of 5 stars
Moleküler Barbekü

This new restaurant is the brainchild of Kürşat Necip Kaynak, a self-taught chef who’s been cooking as a hobby for the last 12 years.

Upon deciding to say goodbye to corporate life to pursue his passion, Kaynak combined his education in chemistry with his love of cooking to open Moleküler Barbekü. Don’t expect molecular gastronomy feats here, however – all you’ll find are two main courses on the menu: roast and entrecôte, the latter of which is more akin to a plate of meat patties, albeit those made with ground entrecôte beef and only a hint of salt and pepper. Similarly, the roast is unlike any you’ve had in Istanbul: after dry aging the meat for a whole day and smoking it with cherry, chestnut or oak wood, Kaynak cuts it into medium-thick slices, drizzled with gravy made from the beef’s own juices. At Moleküler Barbekü, you can order your main courses with side dishes like creamy mushroom, einkorn wheat pilaf or creamy spinach. If you’re ordering the entrecôte, we highly recommend the mushrooms (which might be a bit of an overkill if you’re ordering the roast). Another commendable policy at Moleküler Barbekü is that you pay what you wish in a price range. Though given the authenticity of your meal, we’re pretty sure you’ll opt for the higher end of that range.


Venue name: Moleküler Barbekü
Address: Dereboyu Caddesi 48

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