Naan Oven & Breakfast


Naan’s breads are unique in that they are all prepared with a special yeast, left to rest for a long time and finally baked in a stone oven. You can also enjoy sandwiches and cookies, too. This special yeast and waiting process makes the inside of the bread soft and the outer layer crusty. The flour is specially chosen, the rye is produced in mills outside the city and the wheat is brought over from Sarıyer. Desserts from all over the world can also be found here. Baguettes, focaccias, ciabattas… the list goes on and on. Guests can order a mixed basket of the mini sandwiches, brioches, bagels and scones for breakfast. There is one very unique sandwich that is made of a baguette, pork ham and Gruyere of Kars. Don’t leave without trying the bitter chocolate cookies. You can also have a special gift or picnic basket prepared with whatever you like. Naan means bread in Persian and Kurdish. Afghanis and Turkmenis also call bread “Naan”. It is also the name of a tortilla-type bread in India. Naan is planning to have workshops and bread-themed classes in the future.


From the Menu

Baguette 3 TL

Focaccia 7 TL

Ciabatta 2 TL

Scone 3 TL

Bagel 2 TL

Mini sandwiches 4,50 TL

Organic iced tea 5,50 TL


Venue name: Naan Oven & Breakfast
Address: Doğanevler Caddesi 67