Nabu Fırın

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3 out of 5 stars
Nabu Fırın
Nabu Fırın

A restaurant that serves Neapolitan-style pizzas and fresh sandwiches.

There's only the thing that sucks about going to Naples: once you’ve had pizza there, it’s somewhat dispiriting to return to the ones served hereabouts. If you’re also suffering from post-pizza depression, we’d like to introduce you to Nabu Fırın, the newly opened eatery on the ground floor of Nabu Hotel, on a relatively quiet street in Karaköy. Think thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas with crispy edges and juicy centers, baked in as little as 45 seconds in the wood-fired Italian oven (which can heat up to over 400 degrees). Nabu serves an intriguing variety of pizzas: you’re as likely to find one topped with Abaza cheese and sucuk as you are to find one featuring blackberries, ricotta and basil. If you visit early enough, you can enjoy breakfast pizzas as well as omelets and homemade granola. Pizza isn’t the only thing Nabu bakes in its oven: there are also paninis – like the one with sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella or with prosciutto and gruyere cheese – served alongside French fries and Çengelköy cucumbers. 


Venue name: Nabu Fırın
Address: Murakıp Sokak 13
Karaköy, Beyoğlu

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