Nature and Peace Vegetarian Restaurant

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Nature and Peace is one of those rare gastronomic success stories: a meatserving ‘vegetarian’ restaurant that manages not to offend either crowd... during the day. Yet what sets Nature and Peace apart from other healthy dining joints is that the eatery made a name for itself as a crowded, loud club at night. Located on one of the busiest streets off İstiklal Caddesi, Nature and Peace has been catering to locals since 1995 with its ‘everything goes’ approach, though these days it’s taking a break from the all-night partying to maintain its focus on serving up fresh, delicious fare. Some of the most popular dishes at Nature and Peace include vegetarian falafel, green lentil patties and stuffed eggplant.


Venue name: Nature and Peace Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: Büyük Parmakkapı Sokak 15/A

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