O’gusto Cafe


This quaint café started out with sandwiches and salads, but upon increased demand, they began introducing vegetarian meals. With calorie-counters and vegetarians in mind, the light menus are a god-sent. The combo of reasonable prices and healthy dishes with the option to choose from menu items “for two” is an original way to present this cuisine. You’ll definitely need to wipe your drool over the oven-baked zucchini. The classic olive oil casseroles on the menu are ideal for veg-heads, and good news is, every day they make a different set of 3 fresh dishes. They put extra care into ensuring that the tastes they provide are simple and unrefined. For a salacious oil-free, lightly salted vegetable dish, try the vegetable sautées with seasonal veggies like potatoes, carrots, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and celery root which are boiled and dressed with minimal soya sauce. This is also a place to get a feel for the local experience since the regulars come here on their lunch break and all know one another pretty well. The atmosphere is warm and the prices make sense.


Venue name: O’gusto Cafe
Address: Valikonağı Caddesi Kuyumcu İrfan Sokak 12/A