Orient Bar

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The bar, where deep conversations were had and where intellectuals of the art and culture worlds exchanged ideas now awaits the city’s intellectuals of the day. It reminds you of the classic bars from the movies, the same texture and smells seem to have been exactly preserved. You can picture the visitors who are wellspoken, well-behaved and sit in their corner with a book sipping their whiskey; we think this is a measure of how well the renovations were done.


The menu’s full of beverages that’ll let you have a real bar experience. In addition to the rich wine and drink selection, there are also cocktails authentic to Orient Bar. We suggest not waiting until summer, when the bar’s terrace will be open, to enjoy the cocktails. The classic cocktail we find most fitting to the bar is the God Father, made with Scotch whiskey and Di Saronno amaretto. If you go with your lover to stay at Pera or to have a drink and breathe in the air of the hotel, the authentic new cocktails Love You, made with rum, amaretto and Bailey’s, as well as Valentine, made with vanilla vodka, strawberry puree, caramel syrup and milk, are great choices. Pera Style, made with champagne, peach schnapps and passionfruit puree, is another cocktail that has the soul of Pera. The Orient Bar is just the place for those who come to the neighbourhood often and want to relax, sipping their drink in a quiet place with a historic ambiance.



Pera Style 27 TL

Valentine 22 TL

God Father 22 TL

Love You 28 TL


Venue name: Orient Bar
Address: Meşrutiyet Caddesi 52

Opening hours: Daily 10.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location