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Peymane - La Cucina

The menu at Peymane includes Anatolian flavours such as haydari (yogurt spread seasoned with garlic, mint and dill), hummus, roasted eggplants, Elazığ-style içli köfte (fried meatballs stuffed with cracked wheat), stone oven-melted Antakya cheese and Peymane salad. Some main courses to try here are liver, uykuluk (sweetbread) and kidney şiş, as well as Peymane dürüm (wrap) and seasoned-skewered chicken. All the classic kebap varieties are chargrilled, while the meat’s carefully selected and comes from Kırklareli. As for dessert, you have the option of kabak tatlısı (pumpkin dessert) brought from Antakya, künefe (stringy fried dough topped with cheese, again from Antakya) or pistachio-sprinkled Antep baklava.


From the menu

Peymane kebap 22 TL

Liver şiş 22 TL

İçli köfte 10 TL

Peymane salad 9 TL


Venue name: Peymane
Address: Boğazkesen Caddesi 65/1, Tophane

Opening hours: Daily 09.00-02.00.
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