Sadrazam Mahmut Et Lokantası

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Established in 1964, Sadrazam Mahmut Et Lokantası (Meat Restaurant) offers dishes that will make you feellike you’re in an Ottoman feast. In the restaurant, you can have Sadrazam pilavı (rice dish cooked with meat and vegetables), stuffed mumbar (intestines), kokoreç cooked in casserole, their own production of sucuk (Turkish pepperoni) or any kind of grilled meat. They are very confident of their ‘uykuluk’ (sweetbread) and they actually have a point because it may easily be the best in town. If you like, you can also have your own grill and cook your meat yourself. They’ve placed ventilators on each table which are working fine so you won’t feel any smoke or smell. When it’s time for dessert you can have ‘Sadrazam Parmağı’ (literally means Grand Vizier’s Finger) (which is doughy) or Sadrazam Dessert (a dessert with bananas, walnuts, honey and buttermilk). The two-floored venue has the view of Golden Horn with 75 people capacity upstairs and 80 people down stairs. Any kind of event can be arranged in the venue where there also isn’t a parking problem thanks to the car park across the street.


Venue name: Sadrazam Mahmut Et Lokantası
Address: Kumbarhane Caddesi 64

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-00.30.
Static map showing venue location