It is a ‘blind tasting’ restaurant, which has become popular the world-over for the past few years. On certain nights of the week there will be fixed menus. Guests are given a time to arrive, in which you’ll line up, single file at the door and enter group by group. It’s pitch black inside and you manage to feel around for somewhere to sit (Caution: this may get awkward as you might feel around and find a person as opposed to seat! Just say ‘pardon’). With slow, gentle movements you find your fork, knife, wine glass and water glass. This isn’t the kind of darkness that your eyes adjust to after a short amount of time; you could sit for hours and still have no idea where you are. The waiters are key here as they wear tiny luminescent items that let you know when they’re around. As they serve you and change your plate you won’t hear a sound, they’ve perfected this.


To start off the mildly awkward silent dinner there are appetizers, salad, a main course, and dessert. You’re not told what you’re eating though. You’re encouraged to use your senses, haha, get it? By tasting, smelling, even touching, you get to know your food a bit better and maybe even get an idea as to what it is. This might sound easier than it really is. With so many food selections you’ll hear voices around you going: “Mint! It’s mint; I just know it! No, no, it’s cinnamon and pumpkin, right?”- which makes for quite the comedic meal. Waiters are good about reminding customers to not answer their cell phones, or to turn them on silent. Because when someone answers there is the risk that his or her ‘mystery meal’ might be found out due to cell phone light, oh dear!


While sitting next to others you’ll find yourself having conversations with perfect strangers who have no idea what you look like and vice versa. You might even find yourself flirting with someone; but look out; you might be terribly disappointed when the lights come back on! So yes, this is why it is actually a fun meal. And another reason: there occasionally is live music at the venue, various fun performances and “fire display” shows, giving little light to the dark abyss you’re eating in. Plus, this is the sort of meal you’ll remember for a long time. For tourists and large groups Senses is ideal; for a first date, maybe not. We’re not going to spoil the ‘blind tasting’ experience for you by revealing any more information. Go with an open mind and don’t bother with thoughts like ‘what if there is a huge bug in my glass?’ or ‘I wonder what this soft gooey parcel is?’ because after all, this is a 360 owned venue, meaning you can expect the quality you’ve come to know and love. A fixed menu is 125 TL plus 10% service fee. Don’t forget to call before you go just to make sure!


Venue name: Senses
Address: İstiklal Caddesi Mısır Apartmanı

Opening hours: Fri-Sat single parties; Mon-Thu large groups.