Located right by the Ortaköy Synagogue, Şiştanbul focuses on ‘kargıda şiş’ (meat served on a wooden skewer with a sharp end), which originates from the Aegean region. It has a casual vibe. The yellow and beige tones used in the décor, as well as the small tables and plastic chairs, lend it a fast food restaurant feel. Before you taste the şiş, the soups arrive. In addition to classic tomato and lentil soups, you’ll also find tripe soup and vein soup – popular choices after a night of drinking – on the menu. After soup, şiş is brought to the table alongside a plate of rocket, spicy paste, mini hot pepper pickles, piyaz (a cold dish of olive oil, beans, onions and tomatoes) and caramelised onions. The menu includes three types of şiş: liver, chicken and red meat. Diced in small cubes on a stick, the liver is fat-free, unnerved, soft and devoid of that distinctive smell it usually boasts; in other words, it’s tempting, even for those of you who are steadfastly against eating liver. The chicken is just as delicious and soft. The red meat şiş, on the other hand, are a little stiff yet still tasty – just be sure to eat the thin pieces of lavaş (tortilla) while they’re still warm, as they dry up very easily. The only dessert offered at Şiştanbul is the delicious semolina helva, served lukewarm with a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar.


From the menu

Lentil soup 4 TL

Veal/liver şiş 19 TL

Chicken şiş 17 TL


Venue name: Şiştanbul
Address: Kaymakçı Sokak 10

Opening hours: Daily 09.00-23.00.