Tarihi Pano Şaraphanesi

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4 out of 5 stars
Tarihi Pano Şaraphanesi

Established in 1898 by Panayot Papadopoulos, Pano is among the pillars of Beyoğlu, weathering all the changes to the neighborhood’s shops, buildings and even visitor population over the years. The restaurant has recently reopened after a four-year hiatus, though when you step inside it’s hard to tell that any time has passed at all. There’s the same décor, the same door, the same lighting and same music – even the filling cheese platter adorned with Easter eggs – to make us feel as if we’re time traveling when we’re at Pano. “So if everything’s the same, why are we reading about it in these pages?” we can almost hear you asking – and do we have some news for you… The reason Tarihi Pano Şaraphanesi (literally, Historic Pano Winery) was reborn from its ashes is due to its new managing partner, Özgür Şef. The restaurant’s menu, updated with the help of the popular chef, now features Özgür Şef’s signature meats, both tender and tasty. If you’re looking for a winery where you don’t have to settle for cheese plates, Pano fits the bill. During the week you can get in without a reservation and even find yourself a seat in front of the window. Once you’re settled, we recommend trying Pano’s homemade hot dogs, sucuks and grilled köfte, or you can go all out and order the Chateaubriand cooked tableside with wine. With so many dishes to try, you just might have to visit with a group – and it’s just as well, as Pano’s reasonable prices and central location make it one of the few remaining ideal locations to meet up with friends in Beyoğlu. The next time you find yourself on İstiklal Caddesi on a cold day and you notice Pano beckoning passersby from the same corner it’s held for 118 years, give into the siren call: this restored historic gem is still as good, if not better. 


Venue name: Tarihi Pano Şaraphanesi
Address: Hamalbaşı Caddesi 12B

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