Tatlı Köşem

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Tatlı Köşem

If you’re travelling the backstreets in Moda, you’ll encounter a nice surprise... With its cake-houselike looks, Tatlı Köşem seems to have jumped out of a storybook and landed on the corner. As you approach Tatlı Köşem, you’ll be lured deeper into the fairy tale by tantalising slices of cake sitting next to one another in the tiny display window. Add to that the scent of fresh coffee and you won’t want to leave. As the name suggests, Tatlı Köşem (literally, ‘my sweet corner’) is right on the corner, overlooking both the avenue and the side street, its blues and pinks discernible from half a kilometre away. The white wrought iron tables and chairs, gilded crown moulding and dangling chandelier all lend it a romantic feel, while the cupcakeshaped porcelain sugar basins and fuchsia outdoor seating add a cutesy touch. But all decoration aside, the smells exuding from the shop undoubtedly play a role in drawing in admirers – no wonder Tatlı Köşem’s already got some regulars. While the fruits used at Tatlı Köşem are seasonal – strawberries, grapes and peaches were the most popular options when we visited – chocolate and cocoa are also imported from Belgium and Holland. The desserts change daily here, with the cakes available for purchase by the slice or whole. In addition to cakes, you’ll find cupcakes, cheesecakes, tarts, quiches, cookies, muffins and even diabetic cookies in this confectioner’s haven. The cranberry, almond and sesame paste cookies go so well with tea that we almost feel bad recommending the homemade plum juice and lemonade to you – but these refreshing beverages, which look all the more appetising served in jars, are hard to resist. Tatlı Köşem also caters to those with a very specific sweet tooth by crafting whatever cake or dessert you wish – great news if you know of someone whose birthday is coming up... From the menu Brownie 5 TL Cheesecake 5 TL Cake (slice) 6.50 TL Cake (whole) 30-50 TL


Venue name: Tatlı Köşem
Address: Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi 20/D

Opening hours: Daily 08.00-20.00.
Static map showing venue location