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Alp Çekici and Murat Kılıçaslan are two long-time buddies who have dedicated their lives to food. Alp Çekici studied gastronomy and business for several years, while his partner Murat Kılıçaslan, is simply an avid foodie. Their business partnership was founded on a friendship that goes back 25-year, and from this sprung the small, cosy and authentic Tezgah.


Alp runs the kitchen, while Mustafa takes care of the day-to-day running of the place. The pair’s initial idea was to open a take-out and catering service, but in the end, the demand was so high that they decided to open a small, bistro-style restaurant. As you walk in, the most striking thing about the place is its imposing counter, or namesake tezgâh.  Just behind this, on display behind a glass cabinet, a smorgasbord of tasty treats sits on display. Alp spends virtually all day at the heart of the enterprise, cooking delicious meals – but both perform all the service themselves, and the place runs like clockwork.


The duo’s presentation skills notwithstanding, the value they place on simply making quality food is paramount. The restaurant serves modest, 100% homemade meals. If you like, you can pick something up after work, or, if you prefer, they will deliver to your door. Their trademark burgers and specialty sausages are ideal for a barbecue, and a scrummy source of joy for the last days of summer.


The restaurant procures the best quality ingredients from the finest sources, well-planned in advance according to the season. Apricots are brought directly from Malatya, tomato sauce is imported from Antalya. This is evident in one of the most delicious dishes – the fresh artichoke and onion quiche. As the seasons change, so does the menu throughout the year, to ensure that the ingredients are at their ripest. Gözde Yolaç Savaş


Venue name: Tezgah
Address: Göktürk Mahallesi, Kemer Corner Sitesi, Tan Sokak 1/C Eyüp.

Opening hours: Daily 09.00-21.00.
Static map showing venue location