The Hill’s

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The Hills

The Hill’s is a trendy eatery that serves Mediterranean and world fare on the entrance floor of Anthill Residence’s B Tower in Şişli-Bomonti. The restaurant is designed around two open kitchens, which lets customers watch the food as it’s being prepared.


The a la carte menu includes The Hill’s specialties such as grilled lobster tail and lamb cutlets. Chicken with tikka sauce comes served with homemade noodles and walnuts. The menu also includes delicious sea bass, wraps, pizza, pasta and homemade hamburgers as well as a favourable wine selection. You can choose from among Argentinean and Chilean wines or stick to the domestic Kavaklıdere.


The Hill’s welcomes group reservations in its 10-person VIP section. The restaurant also hosts themed dinners like Wednesday night rakı-balık and Saturday night fondue. You might even encounter a Turkish cuisine day once in a while.



Club sandwich 18 TL

Duck florentine 18 TL

Grilled veal tenderloin 35 TL

Grilled lobster tail 59 TL

Chicken with tikka sauce 27 TL

Warm cake with chicken and chestnuts 16 TL


Venue name: The Hill’s
Address: İncirlidede Caddesi 6 Anthill Residence B Kule

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-01.00.
Static map showing venue location