Restaurants Karaköy

For the past several years, we’ve been reaping the culinary benefits of an admirable friendship and partnership – naturally we’re talking about Esra Muslu and Zeynep Moroğlu, the two ladies behind the popular eateries Backyard, Auf and Kauf. With their latest venture in Karaköy, diagonal to Karabatak, they aim to offer no-frills flavours (both street food and new discoveries) in a three-storey bohemian space that really suits the neighbourhood.


At Unter, you’re guaranteed to find the best thinly sliced liver you’ve ever had. This Turkish dish is extraordinarily soft here, the result of a unique marination process, and comes served with its usual accompaniments of potato and onion. Another great find here is the chicken rotisserie you’ll see in the corner of the kitchen. You could also try seasonal fish, quiche or a hefty sandwich on homemade bread. The menu changes frequently and is likely to surprise you on each visit.


In the evening, the tables on the ground floor are removed, and that’s when Unter breaks out the kegs of Guinness and Hoegaarden. For the serious partiers among us, the Jägerinha is a must-try. 


Venue name: Unter
Address: Kara Ali Kaptan Sokak 4

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11.00-00.00; Sat 09.00-00.00; Sun 09.00-21.00
Static map showing venue location