Via Vai Café

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via vai cafe

Not a day goes by without a brand new eatery popping up in Karaköy, it seems... This latest, located on the ground floor of Sub Hotel, does double-duty as a café and gallery wall where works by up-and-coming artists are on display.


In terms of food, you’ll find a monthly-changing menu of seasonal dishes at reasonable prices. The quesadilla (13 TL) and pastas/noodles (20 TL) are particularly popular, though we have to recommend you plan your first visit to Via Vai Café around breakfast. The 33-TL breakfast plate featuring products from the Kastamonu market is easily enough for two diners. The biggest advantage Via Vai Café has going for it, however, is that it’s open 24 hours a day – worth keeping in mind if you ever want to round out a night in Karaköy with a cup of coffee.


Venue name: Via Vai Café
Address: Necatibey Caddesi

Opening hours: 24/7, kitchen closes at 22.00.
Static map showing venue location