Time Out says

Wan-na had previously opened at Tepebaşı in 2003. We were surprised to hear that the restaurant had closed down at the beginning of the season, as it was a winter nightlife hotspot for many seasons. (Nightclub 11:11 took over the location). We were just as surprised when we heard that Hakkasan, which had opened in Kanyon two years ago, had also shut down. Thus we were relieved to find out that Wan-na would take Hakkasan’s place at Kanyon.


The menu has the same old Wanna flavors that we have grown accustomed to. From Vietnamese and Thai, to Japanese and Chinese cuisines, Wan-na will charm those who enjoy this diversity, not to mention a large selection of sushi. We recommend the fish soup with curry and coconut milk, and the grilled tuna fish. We applaud the restaurant for leaving the choice of using knives and forks up to you, as those that have knives and forks instead of chopsticks don’t seem as authentic. But it can get difficult to eat grilled tuna or the like with chopsticks, so it’s nice that they have options. The restaurant offers delicious teas alongside lavish desserts. Wan-na is not just known for its cuisine; it becomes a nightclub in the evenings, and hosts legendary parties with DJ Doğuş and others on Friday nights. These parties will continue in the summer due to the large terrace. Wan-na took a big risk using the same decor that Hakkasan left behind; however, we can clearly say that it was a decision well made.


For those who had not been to Hakkasan at the time, let’s explain a little. Firstly, you should be prepared to eat in a dim-lit environment, and the tables, floors, walls and chairs all are in dark tones. Amongst all of this, there are small lamps that illuminate the area, exuding an incredibly romantic setting. The folding screens that divide the venue into smaller sections almost create a labyrinth for guests to find their way through. The most eye-catching part of the venue is the bright blue lighted bar. Price for a starter, main course, dessert and a glass of wine is roughly 100TL.


From the Menu

Pizza Italia 19 TL

Pizza Ortomisto 20 TL

Valpolicella Allegrini (1 glass) 15 TL

Tiramisu 12 TL

Spritz Campari 8 TL



Address: Kanyon

Opening hours: Daily 17.00-00.00.