Who's the best pizzeria in Istanbul?

Our followers weigh in...


MISS PIZZA "We eat it at least twice a week." @drkksy, via Twitter

PIZANO PIZZERIA "Pizano Pizzeria is my all-time favorite - highly recommended!" @mertozkaner, via Twitter

THE UPPER CRUST PIZZERIA "Obviously, Upper Crust." @emrekiramer, via Instagram

PIZZERIA PIDOS "Unlike many over-promoted pizza joints around town, Pizzeria Pidos does its own thing, and does it well. This is the only place in the city where we eat pizza. Their delicious profiteroles also shouldn't be missed." @karafakiden, via Instagram

VAGABONDO'S "The more ı eat, the more ı want to eat... And just when ı think ı'm going for another bite." @elifyirmibesoglu, via Instagram

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