Yasemin & Tuncel

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Yasemin & Tuncel

This venue was born out of Yasemin and Tuncel’s desire to share the secrets of ice cream that they learned in Italy, a place where the heart of ice cream beats. Right now the most popular flavors include hazelnut, caramel, and damson plum. The interior design of Yasemin & Tuncel is so marvelous that taking your ice cream to-go ceases to be an option. They received support regarding the architecture and design from Monocle magazine’s creator Tyler Brûlé and the Winkreative team. Yasemin & Tuncel also roast their own coffee and feature fresh poğaças (a savory bread-based baked good) and cookies, the perfect treat to accompany your ice cream.


Venue name: Yasemin & Tuncel
Address: Arcadium AVM

Static map showing venue location