Yasu Baba Köfte Salonu

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3 out of 5 stars
Yasu Baba

YASU BABA IS THE NEWEST EATERY by Ferit Sarper, the restaurateur behind chic gastrobar Gaspar and the original modern meyhane, Münferit. This time, however, Sarper chose to focus his efforts on a simple köfte (Turkish meatball) shop, the likes of which you’ll find in every neighborhood. It’s as understated as they come, with modern furniture and a succinct menu of soup, köftepiyaz (beans with onions in olive oil), rice, cacık (diced cucumber, garlic and mint in diluted yogurt) and just one dessert. Yasu Baba’s table for six has already gained popularity with white-collar lunchtime crowds. The köfte comes with spicy tomato paste, French fries, roasted peppers and onion. It’s simple fare, but nothing disappoints: the köfte is tender and the piyaz is flavorful enough to have us inquiring about the spices used in it. Don’t be fooled by the fame of its owner: the prices at Yasu Baba are quite reasonable, with köfte going for 15 TL, half-loaf sandwich for 10 TL and piyaz for 4 TL. Don’t forget to try the Kemalpaşa dessert with caramel.

An understated köfte joint.

To enjoy tasty köfte and piyaz in a clean, well-kept setting.


Venue name: Yasu Baba Köfte Salonu
Address: Tuncay Artun Caddesi 139

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